Children may be susceptible to avian influenza particularly New findings.

Children may be susceptible to avian influenza particularly New findings, reported in in the online open up access journal Respiratory Study, about how exactly the virus binds to the respiratory tract and lung suggest children may be particularly vunerable to avian influenza. The total results also imply that previous receptor distribution studies may need to be re-evaluated viagra femme . John Nicholls and co-workers at the University of Hong Kong and Adelaide Ladies and Children’s Medical center, in Australia, describe a modified technique to visualize the putative receptors for influenza viruses in the higher and lower respiratory tract, including the lung. Sialic acid molecules on the cell surface area become chemical beacons for the influenza virus.


Whilst these papers do not address the rising incidence of childhood leukaemia in Britain, since dietary consumption of both turmeric and fresh fruit are higher today than a century ago, they do provide essential clues regarding the aetiology of the condition, along with offering up opportunities for avoidance. The increasing incidence combined with emerging worries about the long-term effects of leukaemia treatments, make prevention a high priority.. Childhood leukaemia significantly reduced Asia than in Western countries Incidence rates of childhood leukaemia are significantly low in Asia than in Western countries. The incidence of childhood leukaemia in Britain increased through the twentieth century dramatically. The increase has generally affected the under-five age group, in whom the chance increased by a lot more than 50 per cent through the second half of the century alone.