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Read on for more information about the many ways that avocados help reduce tumor risk. Kills off tumor stem cells The fat in avocado include a compound referred to as avocatin B. This substance has been studied because of its anti-tumor benefits and researchers later on released a paper in the journal Malignancy Study which reported that, throughout their research, it was discovered that avocatin B could eliminate off leukemia stem cells which are the root cause of AML, a kind of leukemia which traditionally includes a very poor prognosis. It was also discovered that this compound didn’t harm the healthy cells around the tumor cells themselves.The many body or Asana postures used during yoga reduce stress while making the body healthier. Among the major factors of yoga getting therefore popular world-wide is that it does not have any age limit; it alike suits youthful and old. The benefits of yoga exercises are innumerable and since there is definitely gradual switch in postures it neither gets boring. Great things about yoga are tremendous, it redefines your body to direct brain and soul to coordinate and reduces stress, fatigue in addition to various diseases. Several benefits of yoga could be stated as: * The different Yoga exercise asana really helps to maintain an excellent balance between mind and body, assisting to preserve body balance even in old age thus.