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A lot more than 7 million people world-wide are treated with oral anticoagulants for a variety of clinical circumstances including, but not limited to: congestive heart failing, atrial fibrillation, prosthetic center valve, myocardial infarction, joint substitute, deep vein thrombosis pulmonary embolism, thrombotic stroke, coronary artery disease, venous cancer and thromboembolism. The routine measurement of prothrombin period is a check performed to regulate the effective and safe management of oral anticoagulation therapy.For scaffold building, the researchers utilized the Direct Laser Writing Method developed by the physicists Professor Martin Wegener and Professor Georg von Freymann at CFN. By way of this process, the protein-repellent structure was fabricated. It consists of 25 -m high pillars that are connected by slim bars at numerous heights. In another lithography step, the holds were placed exactly in the middle of the bars. With the help of a solution of adhesion proteins, the proteins just bind to these small keeps. Within two hours, individual cells colonize the scaffolds and stick to the given adhesion points only. For the very first time, the researchers of CFN, Karlsruhe, succeeded in producing suitable components, where the growth of individual cells can be controlled and manipulated particularly in three dimensions.