The micro actuator incorporates patented technology.

CTS awarded new production and development program for piezoelectric micro actuators CTS Company today announced that CTS Electronic Components was awarded a significant new development and production program for piezoelectric micro actuators for data storage space devices . Production is expected to start in the 4th quarter 2010 with total revenues over the next three years to be approximately $14 million and over $10 – $12 million annually thereafter. The awarded program is section of the family of piezoceramic formulations CTS has developed in response to developing market opportunities .

The researchers' next goal is to conduct a prospective study to validate the new classification system's ability to predict disease end result. The team hopes to find simple surrogate biomarkers for both clusters also, as it will be impractical to perform genome-wide screening on every patient. The brand new system could offer huge advantages of classifying people with various kinds of periodontitis. If an individual is available to be highly susceptible to severe periodontitis, we’d become justified in using intense therapies, even though that person may possess subclinical disease, said Dr. Papapanou. Right now, we wait years to make this determination, and at that time, significant damage to the tooth-supporting structures may have occurred.