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In its lawsuit AstraZeneca sought an injunction barring the FDA from granting last marketing authorization of generic quetiapine until December 2, 2012 when regulatory exclusivity expires on essential scientific trial data, or, additionally, at least until a federal government courtroom had a meaningful possibility to review imminent FDA actions concerning the pending generic advertising applications. On 9 September, 2011 AstraZeneca filed a Citizen Petition with the FDA for every of SEROQUEL and SEROQUEL XR, requesting the FDA withhold finally approving any generic quetiapine item that omits from its labeling specific warning vocabulary that FDA needed AstraZeneca relating to the labeling for SEROQUEL and SEROQUEL XR.‘You don’t put a big girl in a big outfit,’ style critic Cathy Horyn wrote in a recent New York Times tale about the outfit Hendricks wore to the Golden Globes. Fortunately, Hendricks and her followers aren’t listening.. Beef tacos with a side purchase of Escherichia coli Thirteen folks from Arizona, California, and Nevada who ate beef tacos from a nationwide fast-food cafe chain in 1999 became infected with Escherichia coli, according to a report in the June 15 problem of Clinical Infectious Diseases, now available online. Epidemiologists found that proof pointed to the bottom beef seeing that the nagging issue taco ingredient.